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They say 10,000 hours is what it takes to become an expert in anything, so we’re putting that to the test. We want to build the best design and development studio the world has ever seen, so we’re tracking our progress from 0 to 10,000 billable hours. And we’re sharing everything — our successes, failures, metrics, rates — right here on this blog.

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Using the Memberful Overlay with Ember.js

One of our long time clients is a non-profit. As you can imagine fund-raising is a mission critical part of what they do. And they don't have a huge technology budget. So when they came to us wanting to add a paid membership (complete with a newsletter and special members only pages) to their website we had a bit of a conundrum. Not only because they couldn't afford a custom solution, but we didn't have the time to build one (we've been crazy booked up for the last couple of months and we were squeezing them in). It turns out Memberful will handle just about all of that for you and they'll even integrate with your website via a modal overlay. We only had one problem. Their overlay isn't built to work with single-page apps.

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Write Your API With UX in Mind

You probably write bad APIs. I’m not saying that to be offensive or inflammatory. I’m saying it because writing good APIs is really hard. Like really, really, ridiculously hard. Take a couple seconds to count the number of APIs you have used that were intuitive and easy to work with. My list fits comfortably on one hand: Stripe, Twilio, and v2 of Sendgrid’s mail API. So you probably don’t write good APIs. If you did, my list would be a whole lot bigger.

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Atomic Deployments with CircleCI

The atomic in atomic deployments refers to a database concept, atomicity, that requires each transaction to be “all or nothing”. In the context of a deployment, that means if something goes wrong (say you forgot to put a new dependency in your requirements.txt) the whole deployment is scrapped and your site keeps using the older, working version of your code.

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Why Snapchat's New Spectacles Will Succeed Where Google Glass Failed.

Last week Snapchat, er, sorry, Snap Inc. unveiled their new wearable device. Spectacles are a pair of sunglasses with two built in cameras that let the user record video in 10 second snippets. Everyone knew they were coming, but still, they were all confused and surprised. Didn’t anyone in the Snap Inc. office see what happened with Google Glass? Are they crazy or just oblivious?

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Don't Be Bashful: A Designer's Intro to Bash

For anyone who’s new to the command line, starting from scratch can cause the kind of intense fears and paranoia typically reserved for found footage horror films and clown conventions. But worry not. Once you know a few key commands, you’ll be up and running in no time like a true Bash champion.

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