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Krit teams up with non-technical founders at B2B startups to turn bold ideas into incredible tech products.

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Building software on your own is tough - really tough

If you’re a non-technical founder, spending your time on technical problems is like running uphill with a big, bulky weight on your back. It’s painful, exhausting and hard to get anywhere meaningful. Worse, it requires putting off other areas of your business where you could be working from your strengths and making really big strides.

You could build a team...

But adding business-minded technical rock stars to your payroll isn’t easy. Or cheap. You’d need to find them, pay them and manage the risk (and stress) of that much overhead. There’s also the time you’d spend on on-boarding, HR, and personnel management.

What if there were a safer, faster and more cost efficient way to build your MVP?

Krit and the co-founder mindset

Krit carries the burden of roadmaps and MVPs so you can work from your strengths, not your weaknesses, as a non-technical founder. The co-founder mindset means we’re an extension of your team, a down-in-the-trenches partner for growth. You bring the ideas and insight into your field (what you do best), we’ll build a killer product and help you launch it (what we do best).

We’re not just your technical team. We’re your technical co-founders.

“Krit brought my vision to life, and in the end I not only consider the Krit team to be colleagues, I consider them to be my trusted friends.”

Lauren Sturdivant
Founder of Case Status

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Get to market quickly with a MVP you love

Our average delivery time, from idea to Minimum Love-able product, is 3 months or less. Fast delivery, incredible products, no bank-breaking overhead or payroll.

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Build instant credibility with a well-designed product

Beautiful designs can make you look good. Beautiful, strategic designs can make you look credible. That’s the kind of design we’re obsessed with here at Krit. Not the pretty-but-ineffective kind. The ROI-driven-by-design kind.

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Improve rapidly with transparent support

Building a tech product isn’t something you want to do alone. That’s why you get our entire team, as a part of your team, throughout launch, design, build and iteration. We’re a former startup, familiar with your pain points, and we speak your language.

Human support, transparent as our pricing, every step of the way.

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Product Roadmap Branding Prototype Design & Development

Engineering a successful plan

To build a successful plan, we begin by listening. We meet with you, learn your business inside and out, then use that information to determine what steps will take you from idea to in-your-hand product. The plan will include user flow diagrams, a detailed budget and timeline, and some action items you’ll want to complete before launching a MVP.

What you get

A detailed roadmap that takes you from idea to product launch, checklists included.


From $2,000

Building a memorable identity

To build your product identity, we’ll walk you through a brand sprint - a process developed by Google Ventures. From there, we’ll design two beautiful concepts for you to consider.

Once you identify the concept you love, we’ll send you a package with the assets you’ll need to build and scale your product: a style guide with color palettes, typography guidelines and logo treatment recommendations.

What you get

A memorable logo and scalable style guide


From $2,500

Gather feedback from potential customers

You have a plan, a brand and a bold idea. We’ll turn that idea into a clickable prototype that looks and feels real.

You’ll receive 10+ foundational screens, primed and ready for user testing. Or, we can create a custom package and manage that testing for you

What you get

A clickable prototype, primed for user testing


From $5,000

Designing & building your MVP

Over a span of just 3-4 months, we’ll collaborate with you to build a product you love and are proud to take to market. During that time, we’ll meet at least once a week and will be available on Slack throughout the entire project.

You’ll also have access to all our startup knowledge - our own experience, what we’ve learned working with other startups, and the solid resources we’ve flagged along the way

What you get

A MVP, minimum love-able product style, and access to all our startup resources


From $50,000

"We were blown away with how user friendly it was, and it worked like a charm."

Caleb Pearson
Co-Founder of Forty Seven South

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"The knowledgeable team at Krit turned our dream into a reality. "

Yadro Ducic, M.D.
Founder of Pigeon

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We're not the best agency for you if...

❌ you’re interested in clunky, stitched together MVPs

We have a nickname for our version of MVPs: Minimum Love-able Products. Our builds don’t just meet minimum functionality requirements, they meet minimum proud-to-showcase requirements. When we meet with you, we identify the kind of product that’ll floor you and your customers. Then we custom build it, without the stuff that’d make you look just like the other guys.

❌ you want “just a dev shop” to churn out your idea

Sure, we can crush some code (in a good way), but we’d be holding out on you if we didn’t share everything we’ve learned from building and working with startups. We build killer products, but we also dish out some pretty killer advice too. Our best partnerships are formed with founders who are eager to learn and ready tap into our startup resources.

❌ you think you already know it all

We work best with founders who are experts in their field but trust our expertise in ours. We’ll listen closely to what you have to say and we expect you to do the same when we offer updates and advice. Humble, but ambitious. It’s a mantra we work by.