The community for early-stage founders

Join other non-technical founders building early-stage B2B tech startups outside of the usual hubs.

Building a startup is hard. It can feel a lot harder when you're not surrounded by other founders going through the same struggles that you are. That's why we created the Start in the South community.

Connect with other founders

When you're not in Silicon Valley or another startup hub, it can be hard to find other founders working on early-stage startups. Who do you talk to about validating your product, finding customers, or changing your pricing model?

  • You need a network of other founders who are grappling with the same problems that you are.
  • Share your wins, and your losses, with other founders who can learn from you and who can help and offer advice.
  • Get feedback on your website, product, marketing, or business model
  • Post your goals for added accountability
  • Ask for help on technical, legal, or other issues that you're struggling with

Create accountability, celebrate your wins and share great resources!